Dating and being a female preacher

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Dating and being a female preacher

The only thing that kept me from running away was a sense of call from God. Before and after each sermon, I felt a great temptation to believe the voices telling me that I couldn’t do it, that other people were far more equipped than me.

When asked if I wanted to preach one of the sermons, I enthusiastically said yes.While I was a student in college, I was part of a campus ministry that had both men and women leading and preaching.The female preachers I witnessed were confident and strong speakers who spoke with authority and power.The more sermons I preached, the more I began to find my voice and my confidence. I continued to grow and learn, and I began feeling more comfortable as a female preacher.I started believing that I was not just called to preach, I was equipped by God to do it.

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As if God knew that I needed some encouragement in that season, I was surrounded by mentors who invited and empowered me to grow in leadership.

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